Cherokee Registry

What does the symbolism of the Cherokee flag mean?

The Cherokee Nation Flag contains the Cherokee Seal in the middle along with seven stars in the outer field and one black star. Interpretation of the design of the Cherokee Nation seal is found in Cherokee culture and history. The seven-pointed star in the center of the seal represents the seven Cherokee clans (Bird, Wild Potato, Deer, Long Hair, Paint, Blue and Wolf). The wreath of leaves and acorns surrounding the star represents the sacred fire of the Cherokee, maintained for hundreds of years by spiritual leaders. Surrounding these elements are the words, “Seal of the Cherokee Nation,” followed by “Tsa la gi hi A ye li” in the native tongue, meaning Cherokee Nation. The Cherokee syllabary, invented by Sequoyah is used. The date September 6, 1839, represents the signing of the first Cherokee Constitution after removal to Indian Territory. The seven stars in the outer field also represent the seven clans, and the one additional star, which is black, represents those who died as a result of the Trail of Tears.

Flag of the Cherokee Nation


Flag of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians


Flag of the United Keetoowah Band