Cherokee Registry

Cherokee bible

“The Cherokees are a sober, quiet and orderly people. On Sunday last I was still at Fort Cass. At the surrounding camps religious exercises were strictly observed. The gospel was proclaimed by full-blooded Cherokees in their native language—the hold sacrament was administered, and three were baptized. Every thing was conducted in a manner so earnest and solemn as to cause the white man to blush. The preachers referred to the present condition of their people, exhorting them to use no violence against their oppressors; but to submit all things to an overruling Providence. A portion of the Testament and some hymns have been translated into the Cherokee tongue! and had not the Georgians destroyed their printing press, the Bible might at this day be read in the Cherokee language.”

Army and Navy Chronicle 7 (September 13, 1838): 168.