Cherokee Registry

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Our mission is to preserve and document the history, culture and genealogical integrity of our Cherokee heritage. We maintain a database of people whose ancestors are of authentic Cherokee blood.

In the Booger Dance, men wearing ragged clothing and masks would interupt an evening of social dancing. When asked who they were and what they came for, the boisterous intruders gave outlandish names and tried to start fights. Each intruder then performed a solo, often ribald, dance. The intruders represented outsideers who encroached on Cherokee homelands and disrupted tribal lifeways. Booger masks could be made from gourds or wood with fur trimmings, and exaggerated human features.


The tools and resources on this site are meant to aid you in reserching your Cherokee ancestry. If you need additional assistance consider registering with us.

We encourage you to learn about your family heritage and to use best practices in tracing your ancestry. Discern the truth from the myth. We believe that it is most important that all people are educated in our history and that we work together in the present to preserve indigenous cultures worldwide. While we respect and remember the difficulties faced by our ancestors, it's what we do in our own lives that will be remembered by our descendants. Please join us in support and defense of indigenous people throughout the world.